Bhutan Natural Dye Tour

Bhutan Natural Dye Tour : Natural dying for textiles:Bhutan has been increasingly gaining recognition in the world for beautiful weaves. We have maintained a high regard for the art of weaving. It is also components of Zorig Chusum or thirteen arts and crafts of Bhutan. Although Bhutan has history of natural dying in olden times there is change in weaver life now. Mechanically processed raw materials are conveniently used now as it is easily available at their disposal. Our company to preserve the old age traditional, used and the natural dye yarn and textile. We demonstrate how the natural dyeing is done with the natural materials and plants with natural process in order to dye the yarn of different colors.

Our company is well know production for natural dying handcrafts. Our company has won the award in quality of excellence many times in various taetiles produced by natural dye handicraft. We are the certificate holder in quality product. We were recognized by the government of Bhutan & Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan had awarded the Royal patrons certificates for the demonstration of Natural dye handicraft.

We do live demonstrate the natural dying of handicraft at Babesa. We have our show room at LeeMeridian hotela and Shop No. 69 at Craft Market behind Taj Hotel. These are only Natural dye show room in whole country.

Energy benefits of Natural dyed textiles

Bio-degradable, non-toxic, Non allergic& absorbs higher UV rays thus protects from sun harmful rays. Natural dye extracted is used as photo sensitizer in dye sensitized solar cells. The energy conversion of 0.065 is obtained.