Traditional Bhutanese Wedding

The ‘Traditional Bhutanese Wedding’ feature tour provides an opportunity to renew your vows or experience a local wedding ceremony featuring a number of religious rites performed by Buddhist monks and lamas representing the importance of the bond between a husband and wife. Traditional wedding and vow renewal blessing ceremonies can be easily customised to include western elements such as ring exchange, or more elaborate local features such as masked dances, archery, offering of butterlamps and special fertility blessings. This tour also explores the highlights of Bhutan’s culturally rich western valleys of Paro, Punakha and Thimphu visiting ancient fortresses, temples, monasteries, farm houses and meeting with the hospitable locals.

Please note that this is only a suggested itinerary and there are a range of ideal locations throughout Bhutan that are ideal for experiencing a traditional Bhutanese wedding. Please contact us for more details.